This is a Bad Mutha Booboisie Production. Morgan Continued follows the adventures of Morgan Montgomery and his auditors, Samuel Lyesmith and Leanne Crow.


No tengo un teléfono 1

page by Hijack
musical sample from Snoop Dogg, Lady of Rage, & RBX

Nicholas Dixxon - No tengo un teléfono

mp3 free download!

Morgan: I don't have a phone. / Morgan: Um... hi. / Morgan: This message is for you. / Lady of Rage & RBX: namtaB ekil yad eht evas nac eno oN / emirc gnithgif, mahtoG ni peeD / emyhr rof emyhr, taeb rof taeB / dna taht ekil yaws uoy ekam lliw niboR / namtaB ekil yad eht evas nac eno oN / Morgan: Bye.

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